How to Cite a Thesis/Dissertation in Chicago & Turabian

How to Cite a Thesis/Dissertation in Chicago & Turabian
Table of Contents
  1. How to Cite a Thesis/Dissertation in Chicago & Turabian
  2. Why Is It Important to Cite a Thesis/Dissertation?
  3. Choose From Two Systems
  4. How to Cite a Document in Chicago/Turabian Style?
  5. Get Help With Citing Your Thesis/Dissertation

When you need to write a dissertation, it means you have to spend a lot of time reading many guides and researching various subjects to choose a good topic. For most students, the dissertation seems like something huge and scary but if you can understand all the important moments, this is not a difficult job to do. 

When you are working on your thesis or a dissertation, it's quite important to not only follow all the guides to make a successful and professional document but also to cite it properly. Of course, all those manuals and guides need time to read and discover. In this article, we have gathered the most important things about citing a thesis or dissertation in Chicago and Turabian style. You may have heard that citing a dissertation is a difficult task but with our guide, you can solve these problems very fast. 

Needless to say, for someone it may be still difficult to create a strong document and cite it according to the standards of the Chicago manual. If you have some trouble with making a thesis or dissertation and citing it correctly, our experienced service can help you without nerves. Calm down and receive wonderful manuscripts without time-wasting!

Why Is It Important to Cite a Thesis/Dissertation?

When students finish their studying at the university, they need to create a thesis/dissertation to confirm their knowledge and get degrees. In this important paper, you must investigate and research the chosen topic and provide the solution to the problem highlighted in the work. You have to show why the problem highlighted in your paper is quite important and a solution you have found is the most effective. Needless to say, all the results of your paper must be defended properly to get a degree.

When you use any kind of citations in your document, it's very important to write them correctly. It's possible to use various websites, books, journals, articles, manuscripts, etc. in your dissertation or thesis without making it less original. When you use citations from reliable sources, it helps you to support your own ideas and thoughts. Citations help you to prove your arguments and let your readers understand the importance of your investigation.

Why is it so important to cite your thesis/dissertation? Here are the most significant reasons:

  • With proper citations, you can show to your audience that your work is done properly and meticulously without hurrying.
  • When you use citations in your paper, you give credit to other writers (scientists, researchers, investigators).
  • When you write all the citations correctly, you avoid plagiarism. Many students think if they use many citations, it means their paper isn't unique but if you cite all the sources well, it means your dissertation doesn't contain plagiarism.
  • Using citations help the author of the dissertation to prove their credibility.
  • Those readers who want to investigate this subject deeper can use your citations to find reliable sources for their research.

As you can see, citing a thesis or a dissertation is quite important for both authors and readers. And now, let's see the main tips for citing your paper in the Chicago 16th edition style.

Choose From Two Systems

For both Turabian and Chicago styles, you are allowed to select between two systems to make references:

  1. Notes and bibliography system. It includes numbered endnotes or footnotes in your text. The sources are written alphabetically in the Works Cited List or Bibliography at the end of the thesis or dissertation. 
  2. In-text citations in your paper. It means writing the references in your text including the author's name, year of publication, and the page number. You have to provide a Reference List at the end of the manuscript where all the sources are written alphabetically. 

Don't forget to ask your professor what system you need to use in your paper. No matter what system you select, it's quite important to apply all the rules of citing in your document.

How to Cite a Document in Chicago/Turabian Style?

If you read the Chicago manual style 16th edition, you may see it's very similar to the APA style. But of course, it also has some differences you must remember to cite your document properly. Usually, documents in Humanities are required to be cited in the Chicago/Turabian style.

Follow this simple structure to make proper citations:

The last name of the author, First name. "Thesis or Dissertation title". Thesis/Ph.D. dissertation. The name of the university, The year of its publishing. 

Example (for a Reference List):

Stanford, Alexander. "Examining the Main Characteristics of Students Who Use a Good Motivation for Improving their Grades". Ph.D. dissertation, New York State University, 2015. 

In-text citation structure:

The Last Name of the Author, First Name. "Title". 


Norman, Jones. "The Importance of Homework for Children Under 10 Years Old". 

Author-Date In-text Citation structure:

("Title" Year of publishing).


("Social Crimes Done by Children" 2011)

Author-Date References Page Citation structure:

Year when it was published. "Title". Organization, Website.


2020. "COVID-19: Emerging technologies are now critical infrastructure – what that means for governance". World Economic Forum, 

Footnote/ Endnote structure:

"Title of Source," Organization, Website.


"Saving economic data from COVID-19". VOX CEPR Policy Portal,

Get Help With Citing Your Thesis/Dissertation

We know that for many students, it's quite difficult to cite their thesis or dissertation properly even with our detailed instructions. If you have questions about this work, you may ask your consultant or professor. But if it's still hard for you to do this, we suggest contacting an expert to do this job perfectly. If you need assistance in citing, please feel free to contact our professional company of qualified specialists. Receive a strong and well-completed paper on time without delays!