How to Write a Thesis for a Research Paper Guide in 2020

How to Write a Thesis for a Research Paper Guide in 2020
Table of Contents
  1. How to Write a Thesis for a Research Paper Guide in 2020
  2. Put emphasis on the relevant information with the thesis introduction
  3. How to write a thesis for a research paper?
  4. The choice of Subject
  5. Anticipate how long it will take to write the thesis
  6. What information to put in the conclusion of your thesis?

If you wish to know how to succeed in writing a thesis, learn about the key points to be followed. The academic essay must give the readers an idea of the originality of the subject. It should put emphasis on the candidate's ability to carry out an argument and transcribe his socialization skills. The thesis introduction is important. It highlights the awareness of the student's reasons and motivations for his research work. The introductory part explicitly announces the research questions and the starting hypotheses. To compose a thesis effectively, you can take advantage of our online resources.

Put emphasis on the relevant information with the thesis introduction

The thesis introduction must be at the heart of the student's attention. It should concentrate on the relevant datum that allows the research work to be placed in context. It must outline the objectives, originality, statements and interest of the research. The introduction is subdivided into 3 parts in an implicit way. For the first part of the essay, you need to conduct a literature review. Hence, it becomes possible to list the various research works already carried out on the subject.

This contextualization of a research work helps to highlight and put in evidence an original reflection. From there, an argument will arise, notably the academic interest in the research. The second part announces the method to be used in developing the various hypotheses. It outlines the guidelines which should be adopted for the approach. They must be in line with the objectives so as to avoid research problems. The last part must put forward the presentation of the general plan and convince the reader.

The success of writing an introduction to a dissertation depends on the way in which the student structures his ideas. You should bear in mind that the introduction must be able to answer the question why? Thus, you are bound to explain the objectives of the thesis, including the research work methodology and the announcement of the plan. This means, the keys to a good introduction consists in situating the subject, highlighting its interest, and raising a topical issue.

Therefore, it is essential to begin drafting the introduction with a clear head. The writing of the introduction must be done when the content of the thesis is practically written completely. Thus, the author will have the datum such as the results of the literature review, the surveys and research work to write the thesis. This section allows them to understand the reason for the hierarchical structuring of the ideas.

How to write a thesis for a research paper?


The choice of Subject

Choosing a topic for your dissertation is not easy. It is extremely important to choose a subject that is relevant, feasible and of interest to you. Choosing the right theme for your paper will also make you conduct a more enjoyable research and writing process. It is best to avoid dissertation subjects that are too specific to a country or culture.  Likewise, sensitive topics or subjects for which the collection of empirical data is complex should be avoided.

Choose 3 Sub-themes

A dissertation topic must meet 3 guidelines for writing a thesis:

  • It must be of interest to you
  • It must confirm or invalidate hypotheses through real research
  • It must be useful to you personally and perhaps professionally

Anticipate how long it will take to write the thesis

In order to avoid writing a thesis of almost 300 - 400 pages in 2 or 3 months, it may be worthwhile to compose your hypothesis by having a good plan. To do this, it is necessary to calculate, for example, the number of pages written, and the number of hours needed in a week. This calculation is very simple to make and gives a realistic idea of the real speed of writing. It helps to create an awareness in advance regarding the importance of the technique to write a thesis chapter.

This method is essential to anticipate the drafting of this type of final academic argument and will make the task more pleasant. In order to make an effective plan, for example, writing time, steps to respect, calculate the time needed for a chapter, and calculate the number of pages a chapter must have. If we choose this type of strategic plan to write the body and the abstract of a research paper, we will have a precise idea of how much time it will take to be completed.

Another evidence and important advice is to always look for feedback on your work. Doctoral students seldom concentrate on writing beautiful sentences and consider it as a solitary work. These persons should not hesitate to seek advice and rewrite their essays to improve fluidity. It is only by confronting your subject hypothesis with the reading of others that the text will become better. This will be a good way to measure your socialization skills too.

There are several types of feedback needed at different stages of writing. When you start to write, you must accept positive feedback. This is a good way to highlight positive hypothesis statements in the paper. Then, you should look for critical, but constructive feedback. It can be obtained from colleagues, the thesis supervisor, a school friend or a family member. The reader should be chosen according to the type of feedback that you are looking for after the rewrite.

What information to put in the conclusion of your thesis?

The conclusion of the thesis is constructed in response to the introduction. You should have successfully convinced the readers that you chose the right subject. It should normally be written in the present tense. However, when you relate facts or actions taken during your research, the sentences should be in the past tense. You should follow the next guidelines to succeed in writing the thesis for a research paper:

❖     The problem

The purpose of a dissertation conclusion is to answer the central research question or issue stated in the introduction. Therefore, begin by re-introducing your problem at the beginning of the conclusion of your dissertation with well-structured sentences.

❖    Answers to the problem

You need to draw conclusions from the research findings you used while developing the brief. Use only the most important and relevant results to address your problem. Emphasize the main results of your research and draw a global reflection on the subject.

❖      An opening

In your school’s thesis conclusion, you must end with an opening that will make the reader ponder about the subject. You can drive the reader towards a lasting impression on your work, for example, an observation that questions another topic of your theme.

In brief, you should start with an excellent introduction and finish with a great conclusion to write a thesis for a research paper perfectly. You must always remember to re-introduce your problem, get answers from your research findings and to finish you must reopen a debate or address an observation.