Tips on How to Write a Research Paper Introduction

Tips on How to Write a Research Paper Introduction
Table of Contents
  1. Tips on How to Write a Research Paper Introduction
  2. How to write a good research paper?
  3. Step 1 - Select a topic
  4. Step 2 - Collect information
  5. Step 3 - Develop an outline
  6. Step 4 - Formulate a thesis statement
  7. Step 5 - Write an introduction
  8. Step 6 - Write a body part and make conclusions
  9. What is a good research paper introduction?
  10. Approaches to research paper introduction writing
  11. Alternative approach to research paper introduction writing

With the first sentence, you can either interest or bore your audience. That’s why it is so important to think on what to write in the introduction, what information to cover there, and how to formulate your thoughts so that they sound interesting, informative, and catchy. This is especially relevant to a research paper - a scientific work that is exposed to a risk of being uninteresting to a reader. 

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How to write a good research paper?

Research paper writing is one of the most challenging academic assignments. Why? The task requires in-depth preparation, extensive data search, good writing skills, and solid expertise in a theme. Only having a clear idea of how to approach a task, you can develop a winning piece without missing any important information.

If it is your first research paper, we strongly advise you to follow the below steps to ensure that nothing is left aside your focus.

Step 1 - Select a topic

If you are free to select a topic yourself, then you have the opportunity to pick the niche of your interest. Be sure that the reader will see your enthusiasm and will duly appreciate it. Remember that choosing a theme that matches your interest is always a good thing since you will hardly get bored researching data and exploring a topic in this case.

Step 2 - Collect information

Of course, you may know a lot about the theme and have some interesting facts to share with a reader. However, there still may be something that you are not aware of. To be on the safe side and not to miss out any important piece of information, you should never skip the topic investigation stage.

Step 3 - Develop an outline

Are you done with information collecting and structuring? Ready to move further and start the writing process. Hold on for a minute to think about the content strategy and the information architecture that will make your essay top effective and interesting. This is where an outline will do the service to you. By playing around the order of arguments, you can find the best way of grouping your main points.

Step 4 - Formulate a thesis statement

It is the main idea of your writing that is one sentence length and covers the most valuable information. As a rule, a thesis statement is placed in the intro part and is 100% supported by arguments disclosed further in the body part.

Step 5 - Write an introduction 

Being the beginning of your paper, an intro plays a critical role in whether the one will further read your work or will put it aside after taking a look at the first sentence. It is important to write an introduction only after you explored the topic and have a solid informational background.

Step 6 - Write a body part and make conclusions 

If you have an outline, it will be easy for you to write a body part since a paper plan reflects the main points structure and information architecture. You just need to follow the sequence and add more details to every point.

What is a good research paper introduction?

As it has been already mentioned, an introduction plays a critical role in a research paper. It is supposed to catch reader’s attention from the very first sentence. At the same time, a good paper intro should provide some basic information about the theme and prove the relevance and importance of the topic you have picked. There should be a logical link between a topic of a work, its introduction, thesis statement, and argumentation strategy. All the four elements should supplement each other without duplicating data.

Approaches to research paper introduction writing

There are several secrets of a winning intro writing that will make your life easier:

  • Start an introduction with a catchy statement - the best way to grab reader’s attention is to start a research paper with a catchy statement. This could a statement a reader doesn’t support or data that the one doesn’t expect to read.
  • Use the words of a famous person as your intro basis - people are always attentive to the words of famous people. So not using these if possible is a real neglect.
  • Boom your reader with a question in a research paper intro - if you want a reader to think about the topic you are covering in a piece, ask the one a controversial question. Thus, the reader will most probably wrestle with a subject.
  • Use a thesis statement as your entry point in a research paper - another good approach to research paper introduction writing is to start your piece with your main idea immediately. Thus, your reader will know what to expect and will tune in to the right wave-length.

We recommend you to pick an introduction “style” based on a topic covered in a research paper and discipline it is for. If you cannot decide yourself, you can always consult with your tutor and solve this question together. 

Alternative approach to research paper introduction writing

We understand that some students can get bored with research paper writing, be it an outline development, thesis statement formulation, or introduction writing. If you do not want to spend your precious time on this boring and time-consuming task, professional writers can cope with all the academic challenges instead of you. Place an order for research paper introduction writing and get an essay written from scratch for you.