Writing a Research Proposal was Never so Easy: Best Tips Prepared by Professionals

Writing a Research Proposal was Never so Easy: Best Tips Prepared by Professionals
Table of Contents
  1. Writing a Research Proposal was Never so Easy: Best Tips Prepared by Professionals
  2. Research Proposal Definition
  3. Writing a Research Proposal Structure
  4. Reasons for Writing a Research Proposal
  5. Questions to Ask in Your Paper
  6. Common Mistakes to Avoid
  7. Professional Research Proposal Help

Writing a research proposal is not an easy task, especially for those students who has no experience. Also, it is a time-consuming task that needs to be crafted properly. It should present your goal in studying and tell about your achievements. In this article our experts have gathered tips that may help you to deal with this challenging task. Continue reading to find out all details.

Research Proposal Definition

Let’s define the main purpose of research proposal right from the start. This task should be created to identify the problem and relevancy of its research. Simply speaking, this task should tell admission officers why they should help you to research some certain problem. Also, in your work you need to describe the way you want to solve the problem, identify the methods of investigation, and prove that your research is relevant at all.

The general requirements for this article are more flexible than other academic tasks and depend on the problem and research method. Sometimes it may contain wide literature reviews. It is almost like a case study

The evidence needs to be clear and convincing as the success of your work depends directly on relevancy of your investigation. The description of your paper also needs to be clear and understandable to your reader. The understanding of your research by your reader plays a great role and you should always keep that in your mind.

research proposal is a document proposing a research project, generally in the sciences or academia, and generally constitutes a request for sponsorship of that research. Proposals are evaluated on the cost and potential impact of the proposed research, and on the soundness of the proposed plan for carrying it out. Research proposals generally address several key points:

  • What research question(s) will be addressed, and how they will be addressed
  • How much time and expense will be required for the research
  • What prior research has been done on the topic
  • How the results of the research will be evaluated
  • How the research will benefit the sponsoring organization and other parties

Writing a Research Proposal Structure

Here are the main and typical sections of a such a paper. Check them out to find out their main purpose and features:
  • Introduction - state your thesis statement here. This section will catch your reader's attention and encourage them to continue reading;
  • Background and Significance - describe the significance of your research in this section. Tell your reader why your problem should be investigated;
  • Literature Review - tell in what works the problem was also investigated previously;
  • Research Design and Methods - describe the way you are going to provide your investigation;
  • Preliminary Suppositions and Implications - describe the consequences your research may cause and problems it can solve;
  • Conclusion - summarize the meaning and purpose of your investigation. Restate your thesis statement here;
  • Citations - cite all the sources that were used in your proposal using a proper format required by your tutor.

Reasons for Writing a Research Proposal

There are few main reasons this task may be assigned to you by a teacher. Here is the list of the most typical:

  • Developing of student’s skills of writing and conducting researches.
  • Student should learn how to provide proper literature reviews to extract and solve a particular problem. The issue should be new or at least with no already existing solution. Also, you may state that the solution is not relevant or effective in this case.
  • Overall writing and researching skills improvement.
  • Learn most relevant steps of identifying and reaching research goals.
  • Learn and practice critical thinking, reviewing, and examination methods.
  • Identifying a problem and finding solutions.

Questions to Ask in Your Paper

You need to include all the main factors of your research. The descriptions should be clear and useful so your readers could easily understand the purpose and methods of your investigation. You need to explain them in your proposal why this paper is important and should be provided with the methods planned by you.

Of course, you do not need to include results of your research. Also, you do not need to analyze results of your analysis. The entire proposal will be rated basing on your writing style and effectiveness of your ideas. The writing should be absolutely clear and valid.

There are few main questions your proposal should answer on:

  1. Your plan for accomplishments. What are they and what do you want to research?
  2. What is the reason to provide this research? Include all details about your research and methods and provide a literature review proving you have strong evidence to support your goals and mission.
  3. What are the ways of achieving your goals? Make sure your method is valid and can be used effectively.

You also may ask yourself few other more direct questions:

  • What you want to get studied?
  • What makes this topic important for you?
  • What it is important for your subject?
  • What are the issues that can be solved with your research?
  • Is it really different from those researches provided before?
  • What is the plan of reaching your goals?
  • Are there any risks in your research?

Speaking honestly, a research proposal should show your knowledge of the subject, topic, and methods. Also, you need to demonstrate your will of doing something useful for your subject, field on study or even humanity in general.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

There are few main mistakes every student needs to avoid while working on their research proposal. Of course, it is very individual but here are the most relevant of all:

  • No clear vision of the entire problem and subject;
  • Poor description and explanation of purpose;
  • Not enough sources used to support your concept;
  • No clear frame and terms of when, where, and how the research should be completed;
  • Lose your focus on the main problem. Too often directing your content in different directions;
  • Poor writing style and grammar;
  • Well-described secondary problems while the main one has a lack of details;
  • Forget to restate the thesis statement in Conclusion. 

Professional Research Proposal Help

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