How to write the best thesis cover page

How to write the best thesis cover page

A well-formatted thesis cover page is easy and fast to write, and you have no excuse for making mistakes. It’s the first part of your thesis that other people will see. That’s why even a small mistake in its format or any other element will create a bad impression and leave you with no or only partial fulfillment long before readers start assessing its quality or your statement.

What is your cover page purpose? What does this term mean? It’s a front part of your thesis where you state its title, supervisors, and your name in addition to putting a relevant picture or illustration because it must look good. Learn to write a good one to submit the best thesis. It should be in line with all academic requirements.

A brief checklist

  • The type of your document;
  • Its title;
  • Subtitle when needed;
  • Topic illustration;
  • Publication date;
  • Your full name and student number;
  • Educational program and institution;
  • Information about supervisors.

Basic elements

Determine if you’re writing a master’s or bachelor’s thesis before moving to other elements of this thesis page. Check how to write bachelor thesis here. Write a catchy and short title to make readers eager for more. A subtitle consists of 1-2 sentences that clarify it. Include a high-quality and interesting illustration of your thesis topic, no matter if you write about technology, social sciences, or anything else.

Note the date when you will send your thesis for a final review. If you have any official title, add it to your name in a thesis cover page and your student identification number. State your educational program and institution, copyright data. Mention any important information about your supervisors.

How to create a cover page of your thesis in Word

It’s very simple to create it in word, and you can do that by using examples or your previous words. It’s convenient because you don’t need to spend a lot of your time on the layout of your thesis cover page. Include a relevant photo or illustration. A good one will make it come to life, and you can use high-resolution stock pictures that are available online for free.


What if your topic is abstract? You may find it hard to choose a suitable image for road subjects, and this process will take more time. If you have a lot of information to include in a cover page of your thesis, don’t ruin its design. Writing a special information section if your way out.

Important specifications

Any cover page requires these elements:

  • A title of your thesis;
  • Your name;
  • Previous degrees;
  • In partial fulfillment section;
  • Your program, school, faculty, or department;
  • Submitted term and copyright statement;
  • Your reuse statement.

No page number should be on it. Make sure that there’s enough space between all elements and use correct punctuation if you wish to submit a winning thesis.

How to structure all elements correctly

Your thesis title should be the same on its cover page and other required documents. Don’t use any quotation marks around it. Spell out all terms fully when possible, don’t include any periods after a thesis title and don’t use any acronyms.

Use the same name in your documentation. List all of your previous degrees in their descending chronological order and ensure that each one fit only on 1 line. Use special punctuation and abbreviations for them. If there is enough space, add the discipline of your previous degrees in brackets and write a full name of your institution. Add a country, state, and city after it.

The in partial fulfillment element appears on three lines. Include your program, school, faculty, or department on three lines and use their real names to avoid earning low thesis grades. Use the term in which you’re planning to submit this paper and write a special reuse statement in the end.

Why is a thesis cover page very important?

It’s the first thing that professors will see when reading your thesis. That’s why it has an immediate impact on their opinion or judgement about the entire paper, though writing a good one is simple. If your cover page is improperly formatted, messy, or incomplete, your supervisors will think that you did a bad job or you didn’t care. How to avoid that?

If you spend enough time on writing a brilliant cover page for your thesis and ensure that all is spelled and formatted properly, your paper will make a strong impression that will carry over into other sections. Apply your aesthetic taste when choosing its font size. This part should be pleasing, formal, and appropriate to the subject and tone of your thesis and fonts, spacing, and word placement can make a huge difference. It precedes your opening paragraph (make it impressive).


Simple steps to create an excellent cover page for your thesis

They are easy to take and can suit any dissertation project:

  • Understand all research questions and academic requirements;
  • Leave a thesis title to the end;
  • Use early thoughts;
  • Research;
  • Use creative writing approaches.

These are basic approaches to writing a great cover page. Use them along with conventional and practical methods applied to academic writing. Trust your intuition writing this work and create the title that will entice academics to read more.

If you have any troubles with its formatting, structure, or other important areas, get our professional online help because our qualified academic writers are willing to relieve this burden off your shoulders 24 hours a day. Don’t let a poorly written cover page compromise your future success.